Talks, Training & Workshops


  • Caregivers
  • Corporate Staff
  • Professional Societies
  • Fraternal Associations
  • Religious Congregations
  • Non-Profit Organizations


“Navigating the Care-giving Waters: noteworthy channel markers en route to safer harbors.”

“Epithets or Epitaphs: you do the carving.”

“Making the right move: the baggage you can’t leave behind.”

“’Are Your Sufferings Dear to You?’ and Other Elephants in the Room”



Practical orientation and fundamental strategies to make care-giving more effective as well as compassionate.  Two-hour session.

Our community is blessed with a host of providers of resources to families with care-giving concerns, especially eldercare concerns.  Effectively tapping into these resources or relying on one’s self depends on how well the family has laid its internal groundwork with respect, integrity, and compassion.  This training will focus on proven ways to lay that groundwork and will draw on sacred texts to see how this process plays out.  The training will also afford participants an opportunity to share their care-giving wisdom and to raise questions.



“Creating a Spiritual Legacy: an imaginative and dynamic exploration of personal values and insights essential to you and your spiritual heirs.”  Four one-hour sessions.

This workshop is devoted to sketching an ethical will.  Ethical wills flourished in usage and style in medieval Jewish communities.   They sought to convey from one generation to the next behaviors and outlooks which ground one’s character for the good.  As such, ethical wills are in keeping with all traditions and cultures.  Participants will be guided in reviewing and articulating their spiritual values and insights so as to fashion a textual gift for their heirs.

“Leave Taking: all about stuff.”  One & one-half hour session.

We are a nation of immigrants – from “native” Americans who once crossed the Bering Straits to those most recently naturalized at the courthouse.  And we are a nation on the move.  Perhaps the main difference between earlier generations on the move and ours is that we live in a society in which the accumulation of stuff is a mixed blessing.  The mix is especially evident when we change residences and downsize.  This workshop will guide participants in determining what to take and what to leave (and how to leave it).

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