Welcome to The Middle Ages: a guide to life with older parents.

Hello. Welcome to my blog, The Middle Ages: a guide to life with older parents. I hope this forum will be a safe place for you to tune in weekly for my thoughts on helping you and yours thoughtfully and effectively navigate the waters at this murky life stage.

Whether you have noticed recent changes in your mother or your father that have set off alarm bells, or whether you’re in the throes of passionate debate with your siblings about who’s going to be caring for your parents for the coming years and where, or whether your parents would like to sort out life transitions for themselves, I’d like to offer you workable decisions and richer relations.

I welcome your questions, your thoughts, and your presence. Please know that you have taken a very important step in finding direction and confidence in your life today by seeking out this site.

Take care,

[Rabbi Scott B. Saulson, Ph.D.]

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