Seasons Change

Just as the seasons change, so, too, are there seasons of life with our parents. The people who were once our caretakers, who fed us, kissed skinned knees and cheered alongside our victories grow older, and we find our roles as children both changing and challenging.

We may be stuck “in the middle,” caring for our own burgeoning families while our parents age. It can be a sticky place to be. Along with the exhilaration and joy of child rearing, we may be feeling sadness over the visible aging of our parents.

Like the coming of the seasons, aging is natural. With the proper knowledge of the signs to look for in our parents and conversations to have today – before you need to – as well as the tools we need to take thorough care of ourselves, this life stage, this season, will bring with it its own beauty.

What beauty do you see in your aging parent(s)?

Take care,


[Rabbi Scott Saulson, Ph.D.]

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